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About the Hawke's Bay Fruitgrowers' Association Inc 


The Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers Association (HBFA) is a voluntary organisation

set up to promote, foster and protect the fruit industry and to establish a closer

 bond of unity and co-operation amongst growers particularly those within the


Bay district.

Since 1899 it has provided a forum for discussion and action in matters relating to

fruitgrowing in Hawke's Bay.

The Executive committee of the HBFA deals with common issues of concern to all

fruitgrowers. Its Pipfruit, Summerfruit and Kiwifruit sector committees deal with

issues specific to their particular product.

The HBFA employs a full time executive officer to provide secretarial and financial



The day-to-day running of the association is funded by members subscriptions and is supplemented by the income from property investments . This enables the HBFA to

represent growers across a broad range of issues.


The HB Fruitgrowers' Association office is situated in the PGG Wrightson site


135 Maraekakaho Road

Hastings 4156

Phone (06) 870 8541. PO Box 689

Hastings 4156. New Zealand


PO Box 689, Hastings Phone:+64 (6) 870 8541 eMail:
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